Friday, September 18, 2009

Starbucks candy on clearance at Publix in Mount Juliet

I don't know if you will find this true at your Publix if you are close enough to Mount Juliet to make it to the Publix at the corner of Mount Juliet Road and Lebanon Road today there were a whole bunch of boxes like the ones above on clearance for 2 / $3.37 and here is the cool part....there are $1.00 coupons in the boxes....
If you have patience enough to stand there and open them to get the coupons out (don't use the coupon on the box you are buying though!!)
That means you can get this high priced chocolate for 69¢ a box.
There were also VERY BIG boxes of Dove Chocolates on clearance 2/$9.xx but i'm too cheap to buy that.
There are some gillette fusion razors and several other items - some crest pro-health and some colgate toothpaste. I don't have my coupons organized yet so I wasn't able to snag a ton of stuff like normal :(


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