Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Make a Difference Monday

I decided today that we would have Make a difference Monday + 2 since it's wednesday. I read this and just had to share. Not so much because I want you to make a difference in anything - but because I want to make a difference in your life and in how you view the world today and because I want to share how these people are making a difference all the way around the world.

I have never heard of "the Persecuted Church" but apparently it's a huge deal and many people have heard of it. I was unaware that in Uzbekistan it is a Crime to be a Christian. (I tend to avoid the news so I am one of the masses of uninformed!)

Apparently it is illegal there to have more than 2 Christian items (T-shirts count, the Bible counts, the content of what is in your music counts)

If you are caught preaching the Gospel you are fined between 20 and 100 times your monthly income. Apparently there were Sunday School lessons about this last year.
I just found this series of posts about a family from uzbekistan who are here in the states and how this lady met them and no words I have can explain this.

Go see what happened over at We are THAT family when God stepped into these families lives....One more thing before I give you the link...Go grab some tissues now. Trust me.

Take me to the crying...


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