Wednesday, September 16, 2009

HT Triples

So i'm going through this craziness of selecting my grocery list for HT Triples. (I love triples!)

FYI KROGER IS TRIPLING in response to HT. So the usual krogers are tripling - HURRAY! (THX to Frugal in Franklin who heard it from Ms. Cheap)

Part of the reason I haven't posted about any good deals I scored recently is because I haven't scored any. Mostly due to the GIGANTIC disaster my coupons have become. I will have to post pictures because you absolutely will not believe it but I DO have valid reasons behind it. Stay tuned for that.

Coming soon:

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Some of my recent shopping experiences...

But for now I leave you with this great deal idea:

Harris Teeter:
1 Welches Squeezable Jelly $2.35 each
1 Gallon of Milk $2.25ish each
-.75 product printable
-.75 on milk WYB any 1 welch's squeezable This coupon was out at some point in August (I will look it up)
= you pay roughly a dime for a gallon of milk and a squeezable jelly.

Great way to get cheap milk

You still can't comment on my blog which means I either have to go back to the old layout which I didn't like or fix my XML code. I think i know what's wrong with it but i'm unsure how to fix it.
If any of YOU are good at XML let me know :)


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