Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Free Trial of Magic Jack

I am getting super-mega-incredibly sick of paying for my prepaid cell phone. My phone is running me astronomical cash amounts and this is just not acceptable. I need a cell phone to carry with me but I can't continue to use it every day at $1.99 per day plus all the text messages I get from random people who can't seem to understand that i am charged PER TEXT!

I have been trying to get information on voice over IP stuff for a while. I have searched pretty much everywhere except in my dad's brain. That would be too easy since he does Voice Over IP for a living!!!

I also have multiple friends who live in Canada (one in particular who i definitely miss since he moved home to Toronto)

Well Magic Jack is just rolling out a free trial for us to try Voice Over IP.

The magic jack includes the following:

Free Local & Long Distance
Free Voicemail
Free International Calling
Free Directory Assistance
Free Call Waiting
Free 3-way calling
Free call forwarding

From the second page of the website after you enter your name and address:
Get your magicJack and one year of Free Local and Long Distance calls. In the unlikely event you didn't fall in Love with your magicJack, send it back (no questions asked) within 30 days and you owe nothing. There is NO RISK! We only bill you when and only when, you decide to keep your magicJack. Start saving right away!

Apparently ultimately the cost for this is: $39.95 plus $6.95 s&h I think that covers you for a full year. Let's see - I'm currently spending that much money a MONTH on my prepaid cell phone. This will allow me to reduce my cell phone usage to only true emergencies like i want it to be used. And I could call canada!!!!!!! FOR FREE!!! :)

Interested in at least investigating? Check it out right here.


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