Thursday, September 24, 2009

Free recipes & e-books

So I do a lot of cooking. I tend to cook enough for like 8 people then I freeze enough for six people and alternate. It's about time for me to start actually cooking again instead of reheating delicious meals I prepared a month in advance :)

I am on the prowl for some yumm-O recipes for the winter months because I can only stomach my "staples" for so long.

Here are some resources I have found in my search and I thought i'd share them with you in case you are bored of your current repertoire!

Like chicken Casseroles? Recipe Lion has a ton of chicken casserole recipes right here.
The make ahead chicken casserole sounds pretty good. I think I may actually make that this week with a few changes.

Free e-book of pork recipes here.

Common Sense With Money recently posted about this ebook of copycat recipes featuring 46-pages of quick and easy recipes from your favorite restaurants.

25 digital cookbooks to download from taste of home.


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