Sunday, August 9, 2009

Walgreens, The post game analysis

So I went to Walgreens today sans children. My daddy watched them...however I didn't do a full trip for several reasons:

  • They were out of toothpaste
  • I had a monster headache and did not want to refigure my scenarios
  • The walgreens I went to only sells strawberry & banana V8Fusion and i need Acai berry or peach.
  • I just didn't have the energy needed to complete my trip and I went stupid :(

So here were my transactions:

Transaction 1:
3.00 Reach Ultraclean toothbrush Soft
3.00 Reach Ultraclean toothbrush Soft
3.00 Reach Toothbrush 2 pack
9.00 Total
-5.00/3 coupon
-4.00 RR from Vitamins shampoo
.83 worth of tax remaining. Got back $6.00

Transaction 2:
3.29 Bandaid Assorted (adjusted to 2.99 because they had them labeled wrong)
3.29 Bandaid Assorted (See above)
1.99 Ecotrin
0.17 Jordana Lip Liner - Thought I needed a filler. This is where my headache became evident.
0.99 Newspaper
-.50 Bandaid Coupon
-.50 Bandaid Coupon
-1.99 Ecotrin Coupon
-6.00 RR from Transaction 1
.89 = Total due. paid with cash. Got back 4.00 RR

Head was kicking by now and i just couldn't

Transaction 3:
5 Newspapers
$4.95 due
-4.00 RR from prev transaction
.95 cash

Transaction 4:
9.00 Reach TB 2 pack X3
-5.00/3 coupon
-4.00 RR
paid .83 in cash
Got back 6.00 in RR

I now have a 6.00 RR and a 4.00 RR that i can either go roll into more RR's and stuff or i can just chill and wait till I find the juice I want and buy that....

All in all here was my haul:

10 toothbrushes
6 Newspapers
2 boxes bandaids
1 box ecotrin
1 random lip liner
I paid: $3.60

I didn't do very well mostly because of m y headache. but even the newspapers were worth more than that so i did well. how did you do this weekend? any great shopping trips??

Still on the agenda this week:

Publix X2
Harris Teeter Xj multiple - triples - what can i say!!


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