Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tasty Tuesday: Once a week Frugal food night

Well I guess it's tuesday isn't it? Okay Here are some cheapo recipes for ya ;) Well at least one.

I told you already about Which came first, the chicken or the egg soup and last week was the recipe for those tasty tuna burgers.

About 2 months ago I read in Money saving mom's blog about a family that has a frugal food night once a week to help save money towards other things. Her recipe that she gave was this DELICIOUS BEAN & RICE recipe here.

I made it a week later and I actually made some mistakes in making it. I kept the beans on low and not high and then I used rice that was more of a minute rice. The resulting item was not how i imagined it but it was still pretty good. I just mixed in a packet of chili seasoning or taco seasoning (I have an EXTREME amount of them here thx to my dad) and would use it as a nacho topping. It froze EXCEPTIONALLY well and i just finished off the last of my stash of it two weeks ago. I only made a half recipe too! be warned :)

It is actually pretty good but if you wanted to make it extra spicy you could add extra chili powder...

You could also add some type of meat you got on sale like polish sausage and make it more like red beans and rice.

I plan to try this with some black beans and rice soon. :) I have to get rid of some of the perishables I have first though :)

I lost two packs of ham this weekend so i was very sad about that. (they expired before their expiration date and the pkg's were swollen up like balloons)

I could have taken them back to the store and should have but i have so much going on right now i just tossed them. :(

I hope today finds you exceptional :)


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