Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tasty Tuesday - Frugal Recipe hints

Good Morning, I hope this morning's sunrise found you well. This is my very first Tasty Tuesday post. I want to bring you some frugal recipes as well as frugal food tips and tricks to help you stretch your food dollar till ole George Washington screams.

Here is a very inexpensive and healthy way to stretch a can of soup. This is a trick I used to use back in 2003 when i had hardly any money...

Use your eggs to stretch your soup. It really is that simple:

Which came first? The chicken or the egg soup
Feeds a family of 4
1 can of condensed chicken noodle soup
4 eggs
2 cans of water depending on your tastes
1-2 handfulls of rice - brown is healthier but any works.

Heat the cans of soup and the water on the stove in a large saucepan. until boiling.
Scramble the 4 eggs and add seasoning to them (salt & pepper...add spices if you want)
As the soup boils slowly drizzle the egg into the water in a stream. Don't do it all at once, you may want to use a large spoon and drop the egg slowly into the soup. Stir the soup as you do this. Be sure to allow time for the egg to solidify in between each spoonfull.
When all egg has been added, toss in two handfulls of rice and allow to cook the amount of time on the rice box's directions. (You CAN prepare the rice in advance then throw in cooked rice or you can stick rice in at the beginning...it's extremely flexible)

I find this soup is a very filling & tasty meal. You can add Saltines or some fresh fruit or veggies on the side and stretch the soup a little further.


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