Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Restaurant.com Trying to kick a take out habit?

I know several people who eat out almost all of the time. I would hate to see what their checkbook looks like! I know what mine looked like when I ate out often. a desert wasteland with a huge sinkhole in the middle of it!!

Well for a very limited time only (until AUGUST 31st) you can go to restaurant.com and get a $25.00 gift certificate for only $2.00. Mercedes has the scoop on that here.

I think I might go this route for Christmas because they do this sale once in a while and you can get great discounts on these but the thing about the gift certificates is you need to read the fine print before buying!!

For instance - BB Kings in Nashville on 2nd ave north - for $2.00 you buy the $25.00 gift certificate. the small print for her this place reads: Valid with a minimum food purchase of $35. 20% gratuity added to pre-discounted check amount. Not valid for special events

I guess that's not too bad though - all told you'd pay $12.00+ tip of $7.00 to eat at BBKings. which is about half price.

They are out of stock of the Fulins gift certificate but FYI you can normally get the Fulins gift certificate for $10.00 for a 25.00 gift certificate it is similar to BB Kings $25/$35 with 18% gratuity. Excludes Fri & Sat.

The fine print is located to the right of the restaurant in the blue box.

Go visit Mercedes to grab the code to use at checkout and go eat a super cheap meal :) or send someone else to eat a super cheap meal!!


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