Friday, August 14, 2009

My MONDO blow out shopping extravaganza...

So I just got back from the store and man did I save money!!!

At Target I went for the Freshmatic Ultra Imotion. I have an airwick Imotion and like it but I also have the Freshmatic Ultra and LOVE it so what could be not to like with the combining of the two beautiful products :) Best part of this is it's free! BUT my party was rained out :( So I got a raincheck! For SIX! :) Even if you don't have the coupons now go visit target before tomorrow night and grab a raincheck - you might pick up a coupon or two ibefore your raincheck expires!

I also bought hair elastics for Lila because she keeps stealing hers. :) These are not clear and i have a huge ole bag for them. I did not use a coupon sadly.
I also bought minutes for my cell phone - total spent was 18 something. Don't wanna dig the receipt out :)

At CVS I had two transactions. Here they were, for those of you playing around at home AND I found an amazing filler item!!!!

Transaction #1:
Bayer Contour Meter - $14.99 on sale this week
Glade Soy based candle $3.29 (2 oz version - have been looking for these EVERYWHERE!!)
Glade Soy based candle $3.29 (2 oz version - same story, different verse :) )
Sub total was 21.57 + tax
-4.00 off coupon from the CVS automatic refill booklet $$$
-14.99 coupon from the march insert
-4.00 + tax
but for some reason when I tried to add a $4.00 pool float it sent me to over $6.00 owed. I don't know who taught YOU math but um -4+4.00 = 0.00 it does not equal 6!!!! So i took that off and bought a pack of cashews (.99!) from the register oh and a pack of gum. So then I owed .10 total and got back a $5.00 ECB so CVS Paid me 4.90 to take those items off of their hands.

Transaction #2
18.00 = 2 jumbo packs huggies diapers
1.98 = 2 packs cashews
Which got me to 19.98 and technically looking at it now i shouldn't have been able to use my 4/20 coupon but they let me - oh well! i woulda added something a glade candle.... ;)
19.98 - 4.00 = 15.98
1.50 insert coupon for the huggies (Well it was direct mailer coupon but still!)
9.00 FREE Pack of huggies coupon from Riteaid rebates last month $$$$$
15.98 - 10.50 = 5.48 -5.00= .48 + Tax and I paid $1.93 + the dime before - I paid 2.03 this week at CVS for
Blood glucose monitor
3 packs cashews
2 soy glade candles
2 packs huggies diapers
1 pack dentyne ice gum
and I left with a 4.00 ECB.

Do I look like i'm "going broke Saving money" to you?

Stay tuned for the grocery information but i need to look at receipts and figure it out first :)
PS you can still do the huggies diapers scenario even if you don't have a 9.00 coupon check it out:

9.00 (2) packs huggies
3.29 (1) Glade candle 2oz soy based
21.29 - 4.00 = 17.29
17.29 - 3.00 = 14.29 (3.00 = 2 1.50 off 1 pack of huggies diapers Q's)
14.29 - 3.29 = 11.29 (FREE glade candle coupon)
Get back $4.00 ECB = 7.29 oop for 2 packs of diapers which is 3.65 PER PACK...let me tell you.... THIS IS A GOOD DEAL.
even if all you had was the 4/20 coupon it is a GREAT DEAL! GO PURCHASE DIAPERS!


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