Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm back - but how did I do??

We went to CVS, Walgreens and Publix today.

Two transactions...
1 - spent 2.55 my order had been 20.98 I also got back 10.00 ECB's
2 - I paid 3.23 and they gave me back 5.00 ECB's
so for slightly under $6.00 I got $15.00 ECB's and a bunch of items that i'll talk about later.

Spent roughly 6.00
got back 11.00 in RR's and a bunch of stuff.

Publix: My total was 45.00ish and according to the receipt i saved 112.47...

I'll break this all down for you later. right now dinner is done and i have to fix the girl's plate :)


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