Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why I shop at Harris Teeter

Southern Savers has the ad up for Harris Teeter. I know not many of you are interested in hauling your coupons all the way to downtown because it is 20 miles from Mount Juliet to the nearest HT (Hillsboro Village)

Here are my reasons for going:
1. They Double coupons up to .99 EVERY day. (a 75 cent coupon is worth $1.50!)
2. They have the best customer service of any grocery store I have EVER been in.
3. Their sales truly are deeeeeep discount. and then you combine them with coupons $$$
4. Did I mention the incredible service?
5. They have specials for customers who sign up online for their eVIC program that are SUPER cheap. This week? 10 pk Minute Maid Juice boxes for 99 cents. (Limit 1)
6. Meal deals for five bucks!!!
7. They CONSISTENTLY have either Triple coupons or super double coupons 1 time a month.
8. The newest reason I have is that the brand new HT has an underground PARKING GARAGE!
9. Larger selection. Because they are an "upscale" grocery store they have a larger selection of items for the most part than other stores.

Still not convinced? If you know me in person and want to ride out there with me one day for a shopping trip I am happy to take you. I promise - you will be converted so be ready to suck it up and drive ! :)

So...still balking at the drive??
Wait until the next triples or super doubles event. By my estimation it should be around the week of September 9th.
Pair up and find someone else interested in trying HT with you.
Shop there just once. I recommend the new store on West End because of the parking garage. It's not as hot and you don't get rained on ;) but I also LOVE the Hillsboro Village store as well.

When you do shop there here are things to remember:
1. On your very first visit make sure to stop at the customer service desk FIRST THING and get your shoppers card. It is VERY important. Coupons don't double or anything without that card!
2. When you get home...go immediately to the E-vic website and link your card/sign up for this program!!
3. You normally do not have to buy 2 of the Buy 1 Get 1 items. If you check the ad online before you go it will typically tell you if the item rings half price or not. If the item rings up full price you have to get two to see the savings.
4. You can only triple, super double or double up to 20 coupons.
5. On a normal week they double up to .99 so dollar coupons do not double.
6. Most stores will not allow you to use two coupons on a buy one get one deal so you may need to split them into different transactions...(Psst - i've never had a problem with this....)
7. I've seen it several places online that it's recommended you hand coupons over to the cashier from the smallest cost to the highest. (Basically if you have 20 coupons less than 99 cents you want to double hand them to the cashier first so they WILL double and there is no issue with the computer THEN hand in anything over the .99 mark.
8. There is a STRICT 3 like item limit on the coupons..most cashiers will not accept more than 3 identical coupons on an order and the SYSTEM is set up to not double any coupons that are over this 3 identical coupon limit.
9. Please see Harris Teeter's coupon policy Here.


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