Sunday, August 2, 2009

CVS: The recap & an opinion

I went to CVS this morning and they were out of almost EVERYTHING I wanted to buy. This made me sad because I really like CVS but it is frustrating when you go in to your store and are greeted empty shelf.
What a bummer!
I got a raincheck for the electrosol...more on my raincheck later....
Anyway - I made a huge mistake so let me help you ensure you don't make the same one!!!
I am so sad about my mistake.....
Make sure first thing you do when you go to CVS this week is to go by the pharmacy and ask them for the coupon book for asking about their refill program. It is a book about the size and shape of a checkbook. They tried to give me a flier about the refill program at first but I made sure to really examine it and thought "Hey! I don't see friendly UPC's!! :)...." So...I asked nicely again if they could look for a book that said on the front "Thank you for asking about our autorefill program" or something similar ..and they found it!! after I had already checked out...
Here was my shopping experience:

Items I bought today:
3 Biore @ 7.99 ea
2 stretch book covers @ .99 ea
2 1 subject notebooks @ .99 ea
1 CVS asprin Freebie from CVS - THANK YOU!!
1 CVS Papertowel 2.69 - 1.00 Q
2 bags CVS candy 2/$3 - 1.00 Q
When you are fooling with RR's at Walgreens or with ECB's at CVS and really as a general rule of thumb anywhere....ALWAYS make sure that you check out the smallest order first!!! I forgot that!
The SMART way to do this would be as follows:
Transaction 1: bookcovers - pay with ECB from last week owe tax and get some ECB
Transaction 2: notebooks - pay with ECB from last week owe tax and get some ECB
Transaction 3: Biore Transaction pay with ECB, have some left over and get some back
Transaction 4: Papertowel, asprin, candy pay with ECB
Because I was annoyed and hot (car has no AC), and my daughter was trying to stand up in the cart and I was not focused...I did something stupid...
I started with the biore.
As I stated before...I forgot to get the fabulous coupon book from back in the pharmacy first.
So here is what my transaction looked like:
buy 3 biore @ 7.99 = 23.97 - 4.00 mfg coupons - ALL MY ECB's had 6.23 left to pay OOP and i got back a 10.00 ECB which everything else together didn't amount to 10 bucks :(
If i were smart i'd have done this:
Buy 3 biore @ 7.99 = 23.97
23.97 - 4.00 Coupon (4/20 on face products in the coupon book!!) = 19.97
19.97 - 4.00 MFG Coupons = 15.97
i would have totally had plenty of ECB's to pay for this and gotten the 10.00 ecb back and everything would have been free except the tax...I totally blew it at CVS Today so now i'm bummed out!
I also would like to pray openly that I start to receive better service at CVS. I would hate to stop shopping there simply because of the service because the deals are INCREDIBLE!


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