Sunday, August 23, 2009


I feel like shouting from the mountain tops!! We just finished up triple coupons at Harris Teeter this past Tuesday. This coming WEDNESDAY Harris Teeter is going to run SUPER DOUBLES.

What does that mean for you the consumer???

Well if you live in my area (Middle, TN) or in an area where there is a Harris Teeter then listen up - They Daily double coupons up to .99 but during super doubles they double up to $1.98 so if you have a coupon worth $1.75 then it is worth $3.50!!!

You can start preparing for the Super Double sale by checking out this nice list of all of the $1.00 and $1.50 coupons that are out over at Southern Savers. and the Harris Teeter ad will be up on Monday. If you have never been to Harris Teeter it is a GREAT time to wet those feet!!

Harris Teeter will Double up to 20 coupons per day per VIC card.
Harris Teeter will Double only 3 like coupons (Like means identical. You can use 2 printable couposn and 2 insert couposn for the same thing)
Harris Teeter does not take Free Item Printable coupons. Only coupons for cents off.
Harris Teeter does honor catalinas from other competitors for total dollars off your grocery order.

So who plans to go to Harris Teeter this week!?


Dallas said...

I'm still recovering from triples!!! But I'm sure there will be a few "must haves" as always. Do you know yet if Kroger will be doing this as well, like they did in response to the triples? If so, holy cow!!!

Carol said...

Dallas...Great Question - It depends but i'm willing to bet that the grocery stores in the HT area will be doing SOMETHING to match them. To my knowledge every other time HT Super Doubled Kroger would tell all consumers who called "We aren't doing anything" until the day off then it was revealed they were super doubling. If I find out they are going to super double I will definitely let you know.

The really cool thing about super doubles is that it allows you to get a different set of stuff. Like triples there is the standard things you can always get at regular price with a tripled .55 or .75 coupon. Mr. clean magic erasers are always a great buy if you have a .75 coupon for instance.

This makes for a Nice set of OTHER items like diapers...

I am recovering from triples as well - it's SO HARD with two little ones but it's so worth it. I checked out your blog btw...i really enjoy reading it - i do work on trying to find time to read more...i'm just a little jam packed with time :/ I don't get time for myself hardly ever. The kids are both napping and i'm scrambling to gather my coupons for shopping this week. *SIGH* i'd like to redesign the look of my blog too but content is where i have to focus my limited time right now. Thank you for commenting btw - it means a lot. I didn't even realize some people read this blog until I started tracking stats and then i was like "OH WOW!"
so thank you!!

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