Saturday, February 2, 2002


Wow! So you really clicked on the donate link!!! Thank you for even looking :)

Any money you would like to contribute would be truly appreciated. The money will go to help me with my bills, put clothes on my children or possibly even to buy a domain name or to pay a baby sitter so I can have time to TRULY work on my blog and turn it into something that helps you folks :)

Something I don't really want to share on the main page of my blog is that I am preparing to divorce my husband. Sometimes things are not meant to be. If someone is abusive to you, verbally, psychologically, emotionally or physically, I encourage you to get away if at all possible! I did and I am so thankful to my God for the courage to leave. (In this case it was psychological, verbal and emotional.)

The state of my life is currently this...

I live with my two children upstairs at my dad's house.
I drive a 2 door car with tires that are going bald. I desperately need new tires.
My oldest child is 26 months youngest, only 9 months.
I receive $0.00 in child support currently.
So for you to even have half of a desire to donate is amazing to me. Thank you for your giver's heart. I am truly blessed to have any contact with you.

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